Why? Reasoning of Pen

  • Having a personal pen is being a caregiver. Responsiblity must be in high degree for those use pens..
  • Any pen deserves respect. There is no cheap, broken, useless pen.. These are all relative aspects. A brand pen for 500$ is cheaper than a 15000$ Maki-e fountain pen. Love your pen and respect it.
  • Pen is not only a writing instrument, a pen is also a jewel and an accessory you may carry with. There is no difference between carrying a pen and having a watch.
  • Do not discriminate technology. Stylus and tablet show the utmost excellance of human intellectus. They are also writing instruments and accessories.
  • I know many people who are inherited a pen from their ancestors. A pen’s lifespan is much longer than expectations.
  • Pen is not worthy to be idolized. It is just an instrument. The qualification of any pen depends on your intimate relationship with it.
  • Hands are extensions of body, instruments are extensions of hands. How much you love your hands, that much love your instruments.