Our Story

Well, it is a quiet difficult issue to handle with the past of Kilk Custom Pens. Let me try…

Once upon a time, there were a few men who was thinking about senseless snarling lifestyle of men. Then they decided to establish a place in where they can seek tranquility. They established “PurSanat Art Studio” for wellcoming properly those who are in same sought.

Later a few participated to them and one of the newbies decided to make pens for per persona.

We are in a mood that anybody likes to write should have a private and exlusive instrument. More, a pen is not only a writing instrument, also an accessory and jewel.

We are not eager to mention corporate identity (is nothing but rumor) yet it is really important for us to emphasize the details of our corporate identity.


hulusiefendinoktaKilk means “Writing Instrument” in old Turkish. Originally comes from ancient Persian. This word is widely used especially in Ottoman diwan poetry. As a specimen Kilk-i kazaa means The Pen of Destiny. The squarish dot in our logo is inspired from The Master Calligrapher Hulusi Efendi‘s taleeq inscriptions.  Above is some sketches of our logo 🙂

We are not working with pen kits and we are trying to make all parts as possible as custom made. Correspondance between pencarrier’s persona and pen’s persona is our utmost intention of establishing a pen studio.

Please do not ask us about promotional pens with your corporate logo.. (It does not matter you may afford the highest price). On the other hand, it is mostly desirable for us to apply pictograms, monograms, initials on your personal pen.. There are several projects on this issue, please keep following for further innovations. As we are not working on a mass production line, thousands of the same pen is not possible; even if possible, our inner voice does not let us make it.

All the parts we are using are the possible best. Raws or parts are not easy-brand Chinese. Nib units are JoWo, Bock or Schmidt. Converters are Schmidt. Also, we may work with your supplied nibs and filling systems as well.. You are having a Pelikan nib and wanna make a custom pen with it? You are wellcome.

cropped-logoAs Kilk Custom Pens is a PurSanat Art Studio brand, you can think about bookbinding options, special boxes ar any miniature painting as well. Any kind of collaboration in our instudios is very flexible.

We can make pens out of any material which is turnable.. Even an umbrella handle your grandmather gave you is possible 🙂