Ordering Process

Keep in mind that our only purpose is to make the pen of your dreams. However, there are technical limitations . Anyway, having a good coffee together if you visit our studio is an important issue to overcome this technical limitations.

If you are abroad, all 21th century communication platorms may serve as coffee 🙂 Skype, whatsapp, phone, mail, &c…

  • After having a small session with you, I prepare sketches and show you to strike an optimum medium 🙂
  • After sketches are confirmed, we pick the materials. This stage can be brought forward before the first stage. You can choose whatever blank we have or any turnable material you provide is okey 🙂
  • Pen case, pen stand, pouch.. whatever and anyhow you want, we can make 🙂 There is no limitation 🙂
  • The latest price appears after customization. Having been dealed, I request you three forth of price (Your kindness 🙂 ) This amount is for qualifying the final output. That means this payment is a guarantee for both you and me 🙂
  • I document all stages of production. Sketches, photos, videos, &c.. If you like I may make a web interface digital presentation about your pen. This will cost. Sharing documentation is free of charge..
  • Any kind of shipping method is possible. This will cost in your bill.

Regarding any question or inquiry please do not hesitate to contact us.