A Giant FP: “Pandora’s Box”

Making a pen needs equipments and materials, making a good pen requires a good owner.. This story started with our new customer’s imaginary pen 🙂

The customer, his name is Derick, asked for an ebonite pen with an ink window, and a colorful grip section. The most interesting and exciting question he asked was a sterling silver cap finial with Turkish ornaments. The question came from a transatlantic land, Panama, and it was an obliagatory for us to make one for him 🙂 In PurSanat Art Studio, we designed some Turkish patterns which fit our pen, we doodled/sketched and discussed with the customer. He sketched an image of the pen in his mind. The images below depicts the progress we went through with the customer. The left sketch is done by Derick 🙂 The right one is Ottoman Rumi Mudavver Rumi Naksh we designed for him.


Later we dealed on the latest sketches, materials and design features. It was the moment for consturcting the pen… We started with a clipless pen, finally dealed on sterling silver clip. Full black German ebonite pen with silver jewells.. Colourful alumilite grip section, and a thin clear ink window..


Meanwhile the silver cap finial is moulded and casted.. We decided to apply enamel on the ornament.. The left is when the piece is on jeweller’s workbench, the right one is the final harvest 🙂 Poured casting method exceeded the budget, so, we dealed with Derick for making 10pieces of this.  I have permission to use this finial on 9 more pens 🙂


The most important part was inkwidow.. This was the first time I made one, and it must be both concrete, stable and elegant. I decided to make it with threads and later epoxied into barrel’s middle.. Using threads may have made the window brittle, yet I had managed to handle with it. Turning on lathe such a delicate part like this was a great experience. Here are the images and video regarding the process..


Overall structure of the fountain pen appears in this step.. We were always in contact with Derick. When the pen appears, it must have been a secret to Derick 🙂 There should be a little room for a surprise 🙂 Buffing and polishing was the next operation. This operation is a little bit dangerous 🙂 Even seconds are in count 🙂 You may melt or burn the material.. This step show the master degree of a penmaker 🙂

After polishing/buffing here is the latest result 🙂


The next step is to change the sample clip with the original one.. We make our silver clips with several techniques. One of them is cutting out the clip from a sterling silver plate with a fretsaw. After cutting it out, we give final shape with filing, sanding and buffing. During this process, tempering and bending is the most important phases, you should be really careful while bending a metal 🙂 If one fails, he should start from beginning..


Here is the final pen.. I hope you enjoy our adventure with Derick 🙂 It was a pleasure to know him, I am glad to make a pen for Derick 🙂 Nice guy 😉


3 thoughts on “A Giant FP: “Pandora’s Box”

  1. Wow what a great story and more when I am part of it. Thank you Oruç it has been a pleasure to take this voyage and creativity of pen design. A truly masterful pen that I will enjoy for the rest of my life!

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